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Store Menu Settings

Store Menu Settings 

On this page, you can personalised the features to display on your home page main menu.  
Choose whether you want any of the following features to shown by clicking on the toggle. 


Posts feature enables you to keep your visitors informed on the things that matter to you and your visitors. You can upload image(s), insert icons, of new products or post a question for your visitors.



Reviews feature if enabled will be shown as a separate tab on the main menu of your site all the reviews from customers who have purchased from you. 


Allow Comments on Post: 

If you enable this feature, it will allow your visitors to add comments to your posts. 



If Shop feature is enabled, a separate tab for Shop will be shown on the main menu of your site and allow your customers to Order takeaways/pick-ups, deliveries or in-store ordering.  


Note:  Delivery, Pick-up, and In-Store Ordering will be shown as a dropdown underneath the shop if enabled in the Delivery | Pickup Settings within this module.



Select the Group and the List which you want to be automatically be assigned to the contacts who have opted-in to following your store.