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In-Store Orders

Managing In-store or Self Service Orders

Overview of In-store or Self-Service Orders Workflow

A buyer who is already in the seller store can log into their Gozappi buyers account and go to the seller store. From the sellers’ store, the buyer can place an order and choose whether to Pay Now or Commit and Pay Later.

Upon placing an order regardless whether it has been paid or not, the order will be sent here under In-store area and a printout of the order can be sent directly to an e-printer if that has been setup.

From the In-Store tab, Today’s Instore orders will be selected by default.


How to Filter the Views on the In Store Order Page

Click on the More Options icon and select Filter Options

From the Filter Options popup box, you can filter the view of the delivery orders by:

  • Order date from and date to
  • Order Status

And checking Archived will display all the completed in store orders


See the itemized items for a Delivery Order

Under the Action column, click on the More Actions Icon and select View Order

From the View In-store Order popup form, all items for the orders will be displayed with a default status of ‘Pending’.

Once the item has been packed or issued to the customer, click on the Pending button to update the Status from Pending to Done.

Alternatively clicking on the Mark As Complete button at the top left will automatically update all the items from Pending status to Done status and close the popup.

This popup could be used a packing list.


Updating the In-store Order Status

Depending on your business process, you decide how and when to use the various statuses as required by your business.

Ordered – Use the Order status for new pickup orders

Preparing – Use the Prepare status when you are preparing the order. This process may be ordering stock required to fulfill the order.

Delivering – Use the Delivering status when the order is ready to be picked up

Completed – Use the Complete status, when your order has been completely fulfilled.


Buyer makes Instore Payment by credit card

To pay the outstanding instore bill, buyer can log into their Gozappi Buyer account where they will see an outstanding purchases notification. To proceed to making payment via credit card, click on the Pay Now button and follow the credit card payment process.


Seller Marks In-store Order as Paid by Cash

To pay for the outstanding bill by cash, the seller will need to select Pay By Cash from the More Action icon located in the last column.


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