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Delivery Settings

Step 5: Delivery Settings

Note: You only need to complete the delivery settings if you offer delivery or home-services.
The First thing you need to do is enable the delivery service. You can do this by enabling the Status of the delivery services located at the top right of the delivery services setting field. Once enabled the Delivery Services feature will be visible under the shop menu of your store. 

Terms to Understand:

Some important notes regarding the fields below:

Name Of Page:  

This field lets you change the label ‘Delivery’ to another label that is better known in your industry.  For example, if you have a Mobile Dog Wash business, you might want to change the ‘delivery’ label something that makes more sense in your customers.  In this case instead of Delivery Services where you are not delivering a product as such, “On-Site Services” as a label would be more relevant. 

Shop Banner image:  

Upload an image you would like to display at the bottom of your Delivery page. The image could contain a message regarding your delivery services. Or you could upload a banner promoting your offers for upcoming special occasions. 
Any image you upload here will be displayed at the bottom of your ‘Delivery Listing’ page. The image could contain a message regarding your delivery services. Or you could upload a banner promoting your offers for an upcoming event or whatever you want. The flexibility is there for you.

Min Time Delay:  

Choose the Min Time Delay to restrict your customers from being able to submit a delivery request that is before the Min Time Delay.  For example, if you choose a 30-minute delay, and your customer places an order at 6pm, then that means that your customer will not be able to request delivery earlier than 6:30pm.  

Min Order: 

Enter the minimum value required on purchases before any delivery is offered.

Free Delivery Above:  

Enter the minimum value required on purchases before FREE delivery is offered.

Max Delivery Distance:  

Enter the price you want to charge for delivery against each of the Custom Delivery value.  Please note that if there is no dollar amount entered in the custom delivery fields, it implies that you won’t be offering delivery for these respective distances.  

Allow Same day delivery: 

When check you are allowing your customers to submit a delivery request on the same day of the purchase.  

Show Image: 

When this Show Image box is checked, the products in your shop will be accompanied with the image or images you’ve uploaded for that product.  It is recommended that you enable Show Image of products in your shop because, with an eye-catchy image to represent your product, it will be much easier and more effective to temp your buyers to make a purchase.

Show Description:  

When checked the description of the product will be shown for all products listed on the delivery page of your shop. 

Store Layout:  

Choose the appropriate store layout for your pick-up services. A Short Description layout will display 4 products across one row.  And a Long Description layout will display one product per row. Long Description layouts are recommended for products or services with lengthy descriptions.

Email Order To:  

Enter the email in which you want to receive a copy of the order confirmation for delivery.

Copy Emails To: 

Enter the email address for which you want the second copy of the pickup orders to be sent to.  Please note that if you have an e-print printer – you can enter the email of the printer here. This will allow the pick-up orders to be printed to the printer that has been set up for the email. 

Terms and Conditions:  

Here is where you specify the terms and conditions for your delivery orders.  The terms you enter here will be displayed to your buyers in a popup for your pick-up orders.   

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