Todays Redemption

In this article, you will learn about the redemption process from the buyer and the seller perspective.

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is where you will be able to see:

- Coupon redemptions from offer sales

- Sales orders for Pickup / Take away

- Sales orders for Delivery

- Sales from In-store self service


Please note:  regardless where you are in the system, the sound of a glass chime will play when there is a redemption or sales for pickup/take-away, delivery or in-store service.  To disable the sound, click on the dashboard tab. 


Todays Redemption Listing

  1. When a customer makes a redemption request for the coupons which they have purchased from you, the redemption request will appear in the Today's Redemption listing. 
  2. Click on the Request button on the far left, then accept or decline the redemption request.
    1. If you choose Accept - then the customer will not be able to cancel without you approving their redemption request
    2. If you choose Decline - the coupon will reappear on the buyers > coupon listing
    3. You may choose to decline the redemption request if the redemption terms are not met.  For example if in your offer you stipulated that redemption can only be on week days, then you may choose to decline redemptions that occurs during the weekend. 


Please note: We recommend that where possible you should try and accept the redemption request.  If you have to decline, explain to the buyer why you are declining.  Good customer service is about managing the expectation with friendly communication.


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