Step 8: Manage Products

In this article, you will learn how to create, edit and manage all aspects of your products and services.

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

This feature gives you the ability to create new products and show them in your shop available for delivery, pick-up or in-store ordering. 

The Manage Products page displays a list of products and details specific to each product.

  1. Filter your table view by clicking on the ‘sandwich icon’
  2. For each product on the list under the Actions column, you can Edit or Archive products

From this page you will be able to:

  1. Add Product
  2. Search for your product by Product Name or Category
  3. Export CSV to download the list of products


If you have any questions about this, please contact us here.


How to add a new product

Add products to your store by simply completing all the required information on this page.

Here are some notes on the fields:

  1. The asterisk signifies the mandatory fields.
  2. Status: 

Draft & Paused Statuses: Product with a Draft and Pause statuses will NOT be shown in your store.

Publish Status: Product with Publish status will be shown in your store and available for purchase.

  1. Click Browse Image to insert one or more images from your PC.  If you insert more than one image, the images will be displayed in a slider.
  2. Product Name:  Name of product
  3. Product Description:  Add product description.  Allows up to 80 Words (500 Characters)
  4. Product SKU: Only if required
  5. Internal Code:  You can use this field to allocate an internal code to your product.
  6. Sales Code and Cost Code can be used to reference your chart of accounts for financial reporting purposes.
  7. Category:  This field allows you to group your products into various categories. For example, if you’re in the restaurant business they categories may include Entrée, Main, Vegan, Desserts etc. To add a category simply click on the Add Category button to open the Add Category popup box.  From there you will also be able to edit any previously created categories.
  8. Normal Price:  This is your retail price for your products
  9. Cost:  Add the cost(s) associated with this product.  For example, it may be the sum of all the raw materials to make this product.
  10. Special:  Check this box if you want to offer a discount for certain products on your online store.
  11. Sale Price: This field will only be enabled if you want to provide a discount to this product by checking the ‘Special’ box as described earlier.
  12. Special End Date:  If you are offering a special discount – you can also include an end date for the special, otherwise leave it blank.
  13. Profit:  This field will auto-populate.  It is your Normal Price minus your cost or Special Price minus cost if you are offering a discount.
  14. Stock Available field: Here you can specify the amount of stock you have available for this product.
  15. Allow Back Order:  Checking this box will allow your customers to purchase this product even if the stock available is “0”.
  16. Shop Preference:  Mark the availability of this product for Delivery, Pickup or In-Store Self Ordering.
  17. Once done click Save and Publish to display this product on your store

If you have any questions about this, please contact us here.


Edit Product

  1. For each product on the list under the Actions column select Edit Product
  2. Edit the details of the product as required and then click on Save and Publish. 
  3. If you are editing a product with a Draft status, be sure to change the status from Draft to Publish. 

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