Step 1: Account Information

In this article, you will learn how to complete step 1 of setting up your e-commerce store and start selling online. 

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

Purpose of this article:

In this article, you will learn how to set up your e-commerce store and start selling online. 

What you will need:

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Step 1: Account Information

Select My Store from the Sellers Main menu or click on My Store Setup from the dropdown.

On the Account Info tab and complete all the information below.


Terms to Understand:

Some important notes regarding the fields below:

Trading Name: The trading name will become part of the URL for your online store. Any space in the name will be replaced with a hyphen in the URL. 

  1. Example:  Store Name:  Best Bakery
  2. URL1:  (Trading Name with space)
  3. URL2:  (Trading Name without space)
  4. If you have more than one stores you could consider putting your postal code as part of your URL.  For example:

ABN:  Enter you ABN

Registered for GST:  If you are registered for GST, please make sure that your PRICE for your offers, products/services are inclusive of GST.  If you select Registered for GST, only then our system will automatically calculate the GST component and display it to your buyers on their purchase receipt.

Established since: Established since is the year your business started trading. 

Business Address: Please ensure that your business address can be found on google, this way buyers will be able to easily locate you on Google maps.

Business Verification Proof: Business Verification is not mandatory, but it is important for increasing buyers' trust with your store.  Once you are verified, your account status will Silver status.  Click View Examples to see examples of types of documents you can upload for your account to be verified. 


Note: The information you provide here in the account info section will be visible to your site visitors on your online store.


What you can do now:

Set up your Store Set-up

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