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In this article, you will learn how to navigate the Contacts Module. 

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

How to Manage Your Contacts


All Contacts Listing page shows a list of contacts who are either connected with you as a prospect or client. 

The Contacts Listings page is where you can view, create, edit and manage all your contacts.

From the Main Gozappi Dashboard, click on the Contacts tab to go to the Contacts Listing page.


Types of Contacts

There are 5 different types of Contacts:

  • Suspect - a suspect is a contact that the seller has invited to connect with them, but the contact has not yet signed up for the FREE Gozappi account.
  • Prospect - a prospect is a contact that is connected to the seller but has not yet made any purchase with you. These could include anyone who has either wish-listed your offer or is following your store but has not yet made a purchase.
  • Gold Prospect - a gold prospect is a contact that has signed up to Gozappi via the seller’s referral link but has not yet made any purchases from you.
  • Client – a client is a contact that has made purchases with that seller either your online store or have purchased your offers.
  • Gold Client – a gold client is a contact that has been referred by you and has also made purchases through the Gozappi platform with that seller.


Navigating the Contacts Listings page

There are 3 tabs under the Contact Listings page All Contacts, Segment, and Import List.


What Can You Do on This Page?

Under the All contacts tab, click on the ‘More Options’ button (represented by the three lines) on top right of the screen to display more options such as:

  • Filter Your Views
  • Send Messages to selected contacts
  • Assign Contacts to Segments
  • Export your contact data table to CSV file


Filter Your Views

You can filter the list by:

  • Date Range of when contact was added
  • Contact Type – prospect, client, gold prospect, gold client
  • Unsubscribe status

Please note:  To Clear your filter select Filter Options and then click Clear All at the bottom right corner and then click Apply.


Send Message To Selected Contacts

  • To send a message to any of the contacts simply click on the checkbox on the left and then click on the More Options icon and then select Send Message.
  • In the Send Message Popup box – type in the message and then click Send.
  • If you want to send messages to multiple contacts simply check multiple contacts before clicking Send Message.


Assign Contacts to Segments

You can assign one or more contacts to Groups and List when you select Assign to Segment. To assign one or more contacts to Groups and Lists simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on the checkbox on the left for the appropriate contacts
  • Then click Assign Segments
  • On the Assign Segment Popup box – select Group under the group tab and then select the List under the List tab. 

To know more about Segments, please refer to the procedure “Understanding Segments and why you should use them”.


Exporting Contacts to CSV Report

If you wish to export your Gozappi contacts into an Excel file or CSV file, click on the ‘Export CSV’ button.

Upon clicking the Export CSV report, the CSV file will be downloaded to your downloads folder on your computer.


More Actions

From the Action Menu Dropdown on the actual table, you can:

  • View Contact Details – You will be taken to the contact details page for the selected individual where you can see specific information about the selected contact.


View Contact Details

From the contact listing table, you can view the full detail for each contact record by clicking the ‘More Options’ button under the ‘Action’ column. 


Archiving Contacts

From the contact listing table, you can archive your contacts by selecting Archive from the Actions Dropdown option.  Once archived, the contact(s) will not be listed on your main contact listing page but can be displayed by selecting Archive Contacts under the Filter options.


To View Archived Contacts

To view contacts that have archived, click on the More Options icon located on the right above the table, then select Filter Options.

Then from the Filter Option popup, under the Contact Status column, check the Archive checkbox. 


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