Editing Up-sell Bundles

In this article, you will learn how to edit an already created bundle. 

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

Editing Up-Sell Bundles

Follow these steps to edit an already created bundle. 

On the Edit Bundle Page, you can:

  1. Edit bundle name
  2. Change your Core Offer
  3. Edit your Upsells


Step 2:  Edit where you’d like your bundles to be published

  1. Marketplace and Store
  2. Store Only


Step 3:  Edit the Offer Start date

Step 4:  Edit the Offer Expiry Conditions

Step 4:  Edit the Redemption Expiry date

Step 5:  Save

  1. Save As Draft – will remove your core offer from the marketplace and or your store
  2. Save And Publish – will update your upsell bundle

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