Creating an Up-sell Bundle

In this article, you will learn how to complete the five simple steps towards creating an up-sell bundle.

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

Creating a New Bundle

Follow the five simple steps 


Step 1: Setup Your Bundle Funnel

  1. Give this bundle a name
  2. Select the Core Offer – the core offer is the only offer that will be visible to the buyer before making a purchase.  Anyone offer can only be used as a core offer once.
  3. Select Upsell 1 – this is the second offer that will only be shown to the customer after they have committed to the Core Offer, otherwise, the Upsell offers will not be shown.
  4. Select next Upsell.  You can have up to three Upsells attached to any core offer. 
  5. Any offer that is Published to Bundles only can be used as a core offer. 


Step 2:  Choose your where you’d like to publish your bundles

  1. Marketplace and Store
  2. Store Only


Step 3:  Set Offer Start date

  1. Set the Offer Start date – the Core Offer will only be shown in the marketplace and or sellers store on this date.


Step 4:  Set Offer Expiry Conditions

  1. Offer Expiry By Date – this is the date in which the core offer will be removed from the marketplace and or seller store. A minimum of 3 days is required for your offer to be available.
  2. Offer Expiry By Quantity Reached – set the maximum number of the core offer you want to sell.  Your offer will not be shown in the marketplace or sellers store when the quantity sold reaches this number.
  3. Run continuously (manually stopped) – this option will run your core offer until you manually stop it.


Step 4: Set the Redemption Expiry date

  1. Redemption Expiry By Date – this is the date that determines how long the buyer will have to redeem the coupons they’ve purchased.  A minimum of 7 days from offer expiry date before the Redemption Expiry date can be set.
  2. Expire no. of days from purchase – we need to allow buyers at least 7 days to redeem their purchases, redemption expiry date, therefore, cannot be less than 7 days from purchase date.
  3. Expire no. of months from purchase – this option allows you to set the number of months the buyer has from their date of purchase to redeem their purchase.


Step 5:  Save

  1. Save As Draft – Save as draft will not publish your Upsell bundle
  2. Save And Publish – Save and publish will publish your Upsell bundle to the marketplace and or your online store only


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