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In this article, you will learn how to create Newsletters easily and send them to selected groups/lists.   

Lee Lim (Admin)

1 year ago

Lee Lim (Admin)

Purpose of this article

In this article, you will learn how to create Newsletters easily and send them to selected groups/lists.   


Why is this important

Keeping in touch with your contact is important for building rapport, trust, and credibility.  The Newsletter module allows you to create email content easily and quickly.  It is the most efficient way to communicate with a group of people. 


To create a newsletter, follow the steps below:

Part 1:  Newsletter set up

  1. Give your newsletter a title for future reference
  2. Enter the subject headline you want recipients to see as the email header
  3. Select and assign newsletter category (group) to this email
  4. Click on Manage Category to create new Categories for newsletter

Part 2:  Select Recipient

  1. Select the recipients for the email by assigning Group(s) and List(s) to the email setup
  2. Select the time and date to trigger the email to be distribution
  3. Choose the email template or select a blank template to start creating your email message

Part 3:  Create your email content

  1. Plan your content
  2. Once you know the content for your email select the appropriate module by dragging and dropping the modules into the right section of the editor.
  3. Edit the modules as desired.  Refer to part 4 for more help with basic editing.
  4. Save Options - Once done select:
    1. Save as Template – this will save the newsletter as a template for future use
    2. Save as Draft – will not be sent
    3. Save and Send – will send the newsletter at the date and time selected during Part 2 of the newsletter creation process
    4. Close and Exit – will take you back to the newsletter listing page and will not save your newsletter

Part 4:  Email content creator – basic editing

  1. To edit the elements within the selected module – click on the element you wish to edit and the Style Options will appear on the left panel.
  2. Changing Text – simply click on the sample text and replace it with your own text either by typing over the existing text of pasting over the existing text.
  3. Changing Buttons - click on the button and make the necessary adjustments to the button font colour and button background colour using the style options on the left.
  4. Set URL link - then enter the label for the button and then enter the URL for the button click destination.
  5. Edit Image – click on the image placement, then again click on the image placement again to access images from your computer.
  6. Select the image you wish to upload
  7. Please note that the pixels labeled on each image placement represent the ideal image size for the content module.
  8. Remember the dimensions of the pixels to ensure your page layout is maintained its proportion. If required crop the image by dragging in the circle or the oval to make it more suitable to the content module layout.


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